11224326_10153398863049727_2606039224486718860_nHi, I’m Andy

I live in the UK, in north west England. I’m married with 4 children and work as a freelance educational consultant.

I was raised in the evangelical church, spent 30 years in charismatic fellowships, and have recently become part of a local orthodox church.

Why choose the blog name ‘undogmatics’?

Well for one thing I thought it sounded quite cool. You can judge me if you like.

But also it had to do with the concept of dogma as certainty, of having worked out exactly what this life and god and faith are all about. And that any deviation from this is evil, or at least a slippery slope…

I do not claim to have things worked out. Actually I am not sure that it is possible or even a desirable goal. If we can put life in a box, we can put God in a box; and if we can put God in a box then he is just a god of our own making. (As someone said, God made made in his own image, and Man returned the compliment.)

I spent 20 years in the evangelical church, and another 30 in the charismatic movement. Both wonderful and terrifying, I would not swap these years for anything. But shape me they did…

So don’t come here expecting answers. But if you have questions I hope this is a place for you.

Please join in the conversation, here or on twitter, or by email at undogmatics@gmail.com.


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