What I’ve Been Reading

img_0009Some readers might be aware I have undergone some changes in my faith recently. To a non-believer these might seem trivial – I still very much identify as a Christian – but from my perspective some of the shifts in my belief have involved a significant realignment. Part of my story has been the influence that reading has had upon the re-forming of my faith. The charismatic network I spent the last 30 years in, with all its wonderful people and vibrant witness to the goodness of God, was nevertheless somewhat of a mono-culture in relation to beliefs. It distinctiveness was for a large part in a set of beliefs, one of which was that these beliefs were the right ones. In such a context questioning and debate is only possible within very narrow limits. Thank God that we live in an age of mass publishing and the internet.

So I present the following five books as a sample of some of the reading I have been doing these past few years, some so called ‘Christian’ books. Just as significant have been the fiction and nature writing that I return to over and over, but those will have to wait for another time. Let’s be clear, these books are not all well-written, not equal in significance, and certainly not the only books that have made a deep impression on me. But they have all challenged my thinking, nourished my soul, fuelled my prayers and left me more awe-inspired and in love with the God who revealed himself as a carpenter from Nazareth.

The books are:

I’m publishing these reviews as separate posts over the next couple of weeks starting off with pure gold from Jersak (click here).


4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Jersak is definitely on my ‘to read’ list. Have you read Richard Rohr’s ‘Falling Upwards’? In Rohr’s terms it sounds as if you’ve had to leave a ‘first half of life’ institutional structure to begin the adventure of your second half of life. How exciting!


    1. Hi David, thanks for commenting. Yes I have read Falling Upwards and some of it really resonated with me. The realisation that it’s ok to let go, discovering God is in the depths as well as the heights, stopping all the striving and learning to just be. I’d recommend checking Brad Jersak on YouTube and I don’t think you’ll regret the price of a download of A More Christlike God. You don’t say what country you’re in but he does regularly speak in the UK as well as Canada.


  2. I’ve been going through a similar reevaluation of my Pentecostal beliefs over the last 3 years. Enns and Flood have been a Godsend. Faithful questioning of beliefs is often mistrusted as a “lack of faith” among Evangelicals, hence the Evangelical “bubble” remains unbroken and unquestioned. Thanks for sharing. I am now following your posts. God bless.


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